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  • Short term rentals from £25 per week, with full warranty’
  • ‘Ex lease machines available to purchase - spread the cost with our payment plans.’
  • ‘Flexible lease terms from £20 per week.
  • Contact for details 0141 212 4510 or info@ioniaespresso.co.uk

Ionia Espresso

Commercial Coffee Machines Specialists in Glasgow

Make Ionia Espresso your first choice for coffee machines in Scotland and you’ll benefit from over seventy years of industry experience. We’re committed to providing our clients with the very best bean2cup and commercial espresso machines, complemented by superior coffee beans and ingredients to ensure you can enjoy fresh, tasty coffee anytime you want.

Rent, lease or buy from our full range of espresso machines and bean2cup machines.

We’re proud to offer flexible and tailored solutions to meet any requirements - providing bean2cup equipment that ranges from compact tabletop units to full sized vending machines, plus multi-station  commercial espresso machines that enable your staff to serve incredible coffee, quickly and effectively. You’ll find Ionia Espresso coffee machines in Glasgow businesses, cafes and restaurants - and we now have an expanding customer-base across the UK that comes to us for our competitive prices, and remains with us for our dedication to the highest levels of service. We haven’t lost a single customer to a competitor - try us for yourself and we’re confident you’ll quickly see why.

We’ve chosen the finest coffee machines and insist on top-quality ingredients that make the difference between a good cup and a great cup of coffee, and our in-depth knowledge can even be put to use training your baristas in the art of grinder calibration and milk-frothing techniques - helping you to maximise flavour and appeal to your own customers. If you’re looking for an automated vending unit for your workforce, we can tailor a package that scales with your consumption, even billing on a ‘pay per cup’ basis to ensure you’re charged as fairly as possible. We can include maintenance options or provide ad hoc repairs and servicing on a huge range of units, and can provide onsite repair or removal to our workshop for coffee machines in Glasgow.

Call us today and we’ll be happy to discuss our coffee machines and consumables with you. Our position as an independent supplier allows us to offer you unbiased advice on the best model and payment plan for your individual needs.