Innovative new way to use waste cherry pulp

If you’ve read our blog on the journey of a coffee bean then you’ll know that coffee beans grow inside the cherries on the evergreen coffee trees. After harvesting, the beans are removed from the cherries, and the cherry pulp becomes a waste product, which is a shame as the pulp is actually rich in fibre and nutrients. […]

How Coffee is Enjoyed Around the World

People all over the world enjoy coffee every day, but don’t expect it to be served in the same way everywhere! Different countries have different ways of serving coffee as standard. For example if you order a coffee in the UK you’d expect to receive a black filter coffee with the option to add milk or not. However, if you ask for a coffee in Greece you’ll more than likely be given a small cup containing strong, dark espresso with the grounds on the bottom and a little foam on top! […]

4 Health Benefits of Coffee

Whether you’re starting your day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee at home, grabbing a latte to-go on your way to work, or catching up with friends over a leisurely cappuccino, coffee plays a big role in most of our lives. But did you know it might actually be good for your health? There are many reasons why coffee is good for you, but we’ve pulled together 4 of the best excuses to keep on drinking our favourite drink… […]

The Journey of a Coffee Bean

Coffee shops are popping up everywhere and the nation’s love of coffee doesn’t look set to wane any time soon. With our java obsession reaching new heights we thought we’d take a look at the journey a coffee bean takes before it reaches your cup.


Welcome to our blog!

Hello and welcome to our brand new blog!

We’re very excited to have a space on our website dedicated to bringing you the very latest news from Ionia Espresso, as well as interesting articles on all things coffee.