Do Hot Drinks Really Warm You Up?

We must admit that whenever something goes wrong we head to the kettle and grab a coffee. Not only does coffee have many *magical* qualities, giving your body that much-needed boost, it can make you feel a lot happier or more at ease. With the winter chill well under way we’ve been drinking even more coffee, but do hot drinks really warm us up? At Ionia Espresso we decided to find out.

Instant heat

When you hold a hot drink there is no denying that it does make you feel warmer instantly but the length of this effect is questionable. Your body makes the most of the sudden heat, experiencing a fleeting feeling of warmth in the hands and stomach. This doesn’t last long though. Hot drinks have been proven to not change your internal temperature, which is a good thing really. In order to keep your organs functioning healthily and your heartbeat steady, your body temperature needs to be stable.

Cooling effect

The majority of us are likely to try to cool down our hot drink by blowing on it before taking a sip. Already you automatically begin to cool the liquid because our bodies can’t drink really hot water. As a hot drink enters your mouth it sets off nerve receptors in your tongue, signalling the heat to the rest of your body. The idea that something hot is coming tricks the brain into feeling the need to slightly sweat. This effect activates your systematic cooling mechanisms.

Placebo effect

It has been suggested that the common misconception that our bodies warm up when we drink hot drinks actually makes many of us believe that we are in fact warming up. Like with a lot of different things, if we make ourselves believe something our brain can take this information and deal with it as if it is real. Therefore, drinking hot drinks can cause a placebo effect whereby we think we feel warmer because we expect it to happen.

Friendly faces

Experiments have been done to see the comparisons between hot drinks and happiness. The largely conclusive results confirm that drinking something that is warm can raise our mood, even by just a little bit. Supposedly, holding a hot drink can even make you seem friendlier to other people. Hot drinks imply the act of sharing, so people with a hot drink can often appear more approachable or sociable.

Learn more about the benefits of coffee by having a read through the rest of our blog. At Ionia Espresso we really love coffee and will continue to drink it throughout the winter, hoping to trick ourselves out of shivering! Look through our full collection of coffee products and contact us with any queries.

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