Gift Ideas for the Coffee Lover in Your Life

Everybody has a friend that’s a massive coffee-lover. They’re the one who is pretty much always bouncing off the walls and simply can’t function without their morning cuppa. You know, the one who always wants to meet at Starbucks and they probably spend much more time there than they do at home, all the staff knows him or her by name too, jeez. Anyway, with the holidays coming up we’ve gathered a few great gift ideas for the coffee lover.

1. The World’s Largest Coffee Cup

For the coffee-drinker who can never get enough of the stuff, try this humungous coffee cup. It holds a whopping 20 cups of coffee so they won’t have to keep getting up and down to get their cup of joe. And if they don’t put their coffee in it, it will make a nice plant pot.

2. Cookie Monster Mug

Anyone who likes a couple of cheeky biscuits with their coffee will appreciate this gift. Because C is for Cookie and C is also for Coffee in the coffee-lover’s book.

3. Caffeine Powers… Activate! T-Shirt

This unisex tee has a really sweet design! If your friend or loved one is obsessed with coffee and wants everyone to know about it then this is a great gift for them. It’s also a bit different from the average comic-book-inspired T-shirt.

4. Coffee Candle

The coffee lover loves nothing more than the sweet aroma of those freshly ground magic beans. This homemade gift will send their heart soaring.

5. Self Stir Mug

This gift is perfect for the lazy coffee drinker. It creates a glorious caffeine whirlpool so you don’t have to stir the drink yourself. It’s a great little gadget for those mornings that you just can’t be bothered. Add coffee, water and milk, press the button and hey presto, you’ve got yourself the perfect coffee.

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