How Coffee is Enjoyed Around the World

People all over the world enjoy coffee every day, but don’t expect it to be served in the same way everywhere! Different countries have different ways of serving coffee as standard. For example if you order a coffee in the UK you’d expect to receive a black filter coffee with the option to add milk or not. However, if you ask for a coffee in Greece you’ll more than likely be given a small cup containing strong, dark espresso with the grounds on the bottom and a little foam on top!

Here’s a few more examples of what you can expect from around the world:


The French like their coffee strong and accompanied with steamed milk. If you order a café au lait the steamed milk will either be served on the side for you to add yourself, or tipped into the coffee cup already. Don’t expect the same size of coffee as you’d get at a UK coffee shop; the French serve everything in moderation.


The way most Italians enjoy their coffee is in the form of a shot of espresso. Italy is actually credited with being the birthplace of the espresso so it’d be rude to visit the country and not try one! If you find that espresso is not really to your taste try a café con panna; a fresh espresso topped with sweet whipped cream.


Unlike the rest of Europe, the Norwegians tend to prefer a lighter roast instead. Their coffee has quite a tangy flavour and is a bit of an acquired taste but it’s definitely worth trying if you ever visit Norway. The Norwegians are the second largest consumers of coffee in the world so they must be doing something right!


Around 40% of the world’s coffee is produced in Brazil, so it’s hardly surprising that Brazilians love to drink it too! Café com leite is the preferred method of drinking it in Brazil, this is a double strength coffee with plenty of hot milk. Coffee drinking is so commonplace in Brazil that even children drink it from age five upwards!

New Zealand

New Zealanders have got coffee drinking down to a fine art. The Kiwi’s signature brew, which is drunk by many locals, is a flat white. This is one third espresso, two thirds steamed milk, topped off with a touch of froth. If you prefer your coffee lactose free then try a short black, similar to an espresso, or a long black, similar to an Americano.

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