How to set up a coffee shop business

Have you ever been sat in a coffee shop enjoying a freshly brewed cappuccino and thought to yourself “hey, I could do this… how hard could it be?” As the UK falls more and more in love with coffee, and quaint little coffee shops are  popping up all over town, who could blame you for wanting a piece of the action…

However, it’s actually much harder work than it looks! The first thing you need to establish is why you want to start a coffee shop. If you are passionate about coffee, ready to be your own boss and the boss of others, and willing to put in the long hours and hard work involved in running your own business then go for it!

  • Research the industry: If you’ve never worked in the industry before then it might be an idea to get a job in a coffee shop to see how things are done. If that’s not a possibility then look for a training course that you can attend so that you can learn more about the hospitality and catering trade.
  • Research the area: Before signing a lease on a unit it’s vital that you carry out some market research to assess where the best location is for your shop. If there are already two or three established coffee shops on the high street then you may not fare very well. Look for an area where you’ll catch passing traffic, and somewhere with little or no competition for trade as people are much more particular about how they spend their cash these days!
  • Sort your finances: How are you going to pay for your new venture? Have you got savings you can use, or will you be relying on a bank loan? Seek financial advice before you part with any money. Most banks have a business consultant that you can speak to for free, so make an appointment and discuss your proposal first.
  • Research suppliers: Where will you get your coffee and equipment from? Find a reputable supplier and contact them for a quote. Here at Ionia Espressowe supply espresso machines and accessories, and we also maintain and service machines too. Look for a supplier that wants to help you create a successful business.
  • Sort the legal stuff: Once you’ve found the right location and leased premises for your shop you’ll need to contact the local environmental health department. They’ll come out to visit you and can help you to get your kitchen set up hygienically. You’ll also need to arrange business and public liability insurance too.
  • Assemble a team: Before opening you’ll need to hire staff to help you run things. Are you going to be a hands-on manager? Or will you employ someone to manage your shop while you just oversee things from a distance? If you want your shop to be a success you’ll need to high the right people, so take your time and be thorough with the interviewing and referencing process. Once you’ve hired your staff, don’t forget to train them on an ongoing basis to ensure you get the best from them.

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